Episode 83: Shivanee Ramlochan

© Marlon James

© Marlon James

Shivanee Ramlochan is a Trinidadian poet, arts reporter, and book blogger. I had the opportunity to read Shivanee’s book of poems Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting a few months ago and I found it a powerful experience. In our conversation, Shivanee and I talked about her book, making art out of our traumas, and navigating audience responses to our work. Then in the second segment, we talked about how few opportunities there can be for marginalized writers, and how this often creates an unnecessarily competitive environment.

(Conversation recorded January 24, 2019.)

Bonus Reading: Subscribers to the KTCO Patreon campaign can hear Shivanee read her poem "I See That Lilith Hath Been With Thee Again,” which we discussed in the episode.

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