Jonas Yip

Jonas Yip


Book and print set, Paris: Dialogue and Meditations.

Book: 160 pages, featuring 88 images (8" x 10", hardcover).
Print: Archival pigment print on fine art watercolor paper. 6” x 8”.

$100, shipping included.

Paris: Dialogues and Meditations

In this unique art book, fine art photographer Jonas Yip and renowned poet and scholar Wai-lim Yip engage in a dialogue about Paris, pairing expressive, atmospheric photographs with evocative poems. Like two Bauderlairean flâneurs walking around Paris who cannot let go of the memories that flow silently from the city’s buildings, parks, and relics, the authors travel through time and dreams seeking a forgotten history among the trembling light and shadows. The book features over 80 richly toned black-and-white photographs, which Professor Leo Ou-Fan Lee in his introduction calls “shadowy landscapes … dreamscapes [that] seduce us and arouse strange sensations.”

Artist Bio

Jonas Yip is a fine art photographer and musician based in the Los Angeles area. Born in Princeton, New Jersey to a poet-writer-professor father and an art historian mother, Jonas was raised in a creative environment steeped in art and music, poetry and performance, design and architecture, and plenty of world travel. Yet somehow Jonas became an engineer, building a successful career in Silicon Valley startup companies. Over the years, however, he never stopped pursuing his creative passions: music, design, and photography. Jonas has since left the high-tech world to concentrate exclusively on these smaller, more personal projects.

Jonas has been honored with numerous photography awards and his work has been exhibited internationally. He has published a monograph, Paris: Dialogues and Meditations (Nanjing University Press, 2008), in collaboration with renowned poet and scholar Wai-lim Yip. An exhibition, “Paris: Dialogue”, featuring photographs and poems excerpted from the book, recently traveled through Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and has also been exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art and the University of California, San Diego. The photographs and poems from the series have been accepted into the permanent collections at the San Diego Museum of Art in San Diego, CA and the National Museum of Chinese Literature in Beijing, China.

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